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Why choose our Pegboard hooks?

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Pegboard hooks for use with our wall pegboard units and gondola pegboard units. Pegboard fittings are a great way of displaying loads of products at eye level in a small retail display area. The versatility of pegboard hook displays means it is used not only for the widely seen bagged sweets and packets of nuts & bolts, it is ideal for both small products which get “lost” on shelves such as batteries, and large products which take up a lot of shelf space or are not suited to be on shelves such as car mats. Pegboard fittings and accessories enable products to be changed around continually, encouraging impulse buys and promotional offers.


The strength of pegboard hooks is dependent on the cross sectional area of the peg hook, which means, a small increase in steel gauge can have a dramatic increase in the cross sectional area. For example 4.8mm gauge wire has nearly double the cross section area of a 3.4mm wire, so it is well worth comparing peg hook gauge before buying hooks. All of our peg hooks are suitable for 25mm hole spacing metal pegboard, except the 40mm single hooks which fit 30mm metal pegboard or slatwall. In the UK there are two common designs of pegboard hook, the single prong hook and the looped or Euro hook. Euro hooks are also known as double hooks, they are popular because they are safer, prevent damage to product packaging and are easy to add a pricing tag to. We also offer direct entry hooks which have a locking mechanism that locates into the metal pegboard, this makes moving hooks much easier, especially when surrounded by other hooks. Direct entry pegboard hooks are available as single or double hooks and with or without an overarm T-Bar for a price label holder.


For high loadings, such as for heavy tools we supply rear support bar hooks to fit on standard rectangular rear support bars or RSB's. RSB hooks are available as single or euro hooks and with or without over arm T bars. If you are looking to buy pegboard hooks in bulk we hold large stocks available at low discounted bulk prices.