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How to attract new customers to your supermarket store?

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There are probably thousands of stores around you selling the same kind of products. So, how to attract customers to your store? Shopping experience is definitely the key. A store should no longer be a place to buy products, but a place to experience new emotions.


The experience begins from the outside. Your store needs to call the attention of any person passing by, and make them feel curious about entering and exploring it. Therefore, it is crucial to place elements that generate immediate emotions: attractive windows, interactive screens, original promotional texts, flashy displays…In fact, that will give the first impression of what they will find inside.


Once in store, you need to convince customers why they should stay. You could offer entertainment, next-generation digital signage or interactivity, try and touch products, self-check out devices, or in-queue merchandising. Additionally, having helpful and engaging staff, serving customers more efficiently or offering free delivery, will also make a difference from your competitors.


On the other hand, choosing the adequate store equipment is also important to improve your customer’s experience. For instance, a shopping basket or trolley that makes the customer feel at ease will make him or her stay longer in your store and consequently buy more products. And the products are displayed tidy in custom gondola retail display shelving and metal wire dump bins. Of course,  a sweet smile on shopping cashier when you check out at the checkout cash counter is important experience.


In the end, crafting a unique experience for your customers and expressing your brand in a creative way will not only help you communicate your values, but it will build loyalty and bring new customers.