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Store Displays-How To Pick The Right Ones For Your Business

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If you are a small-business owner who is trying to pick displays for your store, then this article is for you. Changshu ouruite will help you pick your store displays, explain how to determine what size your display should be, and show you where to buy it.


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Types of Store Displays


Now, Let’s start with the main display types. Keep in mind, there is overlap between these types, especially when it comes to gondolas. There are slatwall gondolas, pegboard gondolas, and gridwall gondolas. These are general categories.




Gondola displays are two-sided, have adjustable shelves, and are generally used to merchandise the center of your store. They are free-standing and the frames are commonly made of steel with the middles being made of slatwall or pegboard. Gondola style shelving is especially popular in grocery and pharmacy stores, because they can hold lots of product and can be adjusted to fit different sized items.




Slatwall displays are panels that have recessed horizontal spaces where various kinds of shelves, hooks, pegs, and hangers fit into. It is one of the most versatile shelving options, because it can display such a wide variety of merchandise and can be mounted on walls or be freestanding.




Gridwall displays are wire panels that can accommodate a variety of different hook and shelf options. They are versatile, light, and easily customizable. Use them on your wall or with bases as free-standing fixtures. They are easy to maintain, requiring minimal dusting and general cleaning.


Garment Rack

Garment racks are generally made of metal and are crafted specifically to display clothing and apparel. They are most often used to display hanging clothing and come in many different shapes and sizes.


Table Displays

Table Displays are displays that have a table shape to them. They can be tiered, as this one is, or just have one level. Although the term ”table” makes you think of wood, table displays can also be made of a variety of other different materials as well.




Pegboard displays are displays that are made of fiber-board and have rows of evenly spaced holes, which are used for attaching hooks, bins, shelving, and other storage accessories. Pegboard is often paired with other display types as well, especially gondolas.


Specialty Displays


Specialty displays are those that are designed for a specific purpose or product. Some examples include:


Refrigerated displays (pictured)

Jewelry Display Cases/Jewelry modeling forms

Wine Racks

Gun cases


Clothing Forms/Mannequins


How much do store displays cost?


Here is a more general breakdown of store display costs, from cheapest to most expensive. Individual display types may be in several categories depending on who installs/assembles the display. Also, displays may move into different categories depending on their material.


1.Cheapest-Slatwall wall sheet (self-installation), gridwall wall sheet (self-installation), pegboard wall sheet (self-installation). Expect to pay around $50-$100 per 4×8 sheet of pegboard/gridwall/slatwall (includes hardware estimation).


2.Medium-Small specialty display items (jewelry forms, some mannequins), Pegboard wall panels (professional installation), Slatwall wall panels (professional installation), Gridwall wall panels (professional installation), used displays. Expect to pay around $200-$300 dollars for one half-body mannequin or 1-2 professionally installed sheet(s) of pegboard/slatwall/gridwall (hardware estimate included).


3. Expensive-Gondola, Table, Large rolling displays, garment racks, merchandisers (stand alone units with pegboard, slatwall, or gridwall sides), specialty/custom displays. Expect to pay around $600 for two 3’ x 4 1/2’gondola displays or 3-5 basic garment racks.

Where to buy displays?

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