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How to Lock Pegboard Hooks?

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Pegboard hooks are widely used to hang a variety of items, including supermarket displays of goods, such as scarf rings, carded items and jewelry. Some of us are always frustrated with the pegboard hooks falling out when removing tools. Now we are pleased to introduce you a solution to lock pegboard hooks.

pegboard tool hooks.jpg lock pegboard hooks.jpg

I would suggest threading some wire through the hole and around the hook. This takes a little patience and won't let you move the hooks around as easily, detailed steps are as follows:

1. Tools and Materials

Needle nose pliers and wire cutters

2. Cut and Bend the Wire

Cut a length of wire from the spool roughly 10 to 12 inches long. Bend the wire in half forming a small "loop" a the the bend. The "loop" should be open enough to allow the pegboard hook to slip inside. Starting from the "loop", form the wire into a "fish hook" shape that is "about" equal in width as two adjacent holes in the pegboard. Bend the "tail" of the hook in an arc away from the "loop". this will help make the next step a bit easier.

3. Threading the Wire

Start at the hole that is directly below the hole were the top of the hook will go into. Thread the looped and hook shaped part of the wire into this hole with the loop being directed upward toward the hole above. Feeding the wire into the hole, you will be doing a kind of upwards vertical rolling of the hooked part of the wire behind the board until it feeds out the through the upper hole.

4. Securing the Top of the Pegboard Hook

Now that you have the wire threaded through the two holes, with the loop of the wire out the top hole, it's time to secure the pegboard tool hooks. With the hook in hand and tail of the wire in the other, place the top of the hook through the loop in the wire. The next part can be a little tricky, but we are going to pull the wire back through the the the top hole as well as keeping the top of the hook through the loop in the wire. With the wire and the hook seated back through the hole it should look something like the last photo in this step. If you look closely you can still see the loop of the wire around the top of the hook inside the hole.

5. Securing the Bottom of the Pegboard Hook

Using the "tail" of the wire, take one piece around one side and over top of the hook, do the same with the other piece of wire but from the opposite side. Pull the wire taught over the hook. Twist the two pieces of wire together by hand. The harder you can pull the wire while twisting, the tighter the hook will be secured to the pegboard. After you have twisted the wire by hand, if the hook is not secured tight enough, you can twist a little more using the pliers. Take caution though, if you twist too much, you'll just break the wire and have to start all over again.Snip off the excess wire with the wire cutters. Be sure to leave about 1/4" or so of the twist so you wire won't come loose. Lastly bend the snipped off twist of wire to the back of the hook, towards the pegboard.

Now hang your items, and no more hooks falling out every time you grab a tool from the wall. 

In the end, we are pleased to introduce our wholesale display hooks to you, and welcome to our supermarket accessories factory.