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Can you use pegboard hooks on slatwall?

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Pegboard hooks and slatwall hooks are very common display rack hooks, and are widely used in supermarkets, jewelry stores and garages for hanging various goods, such as electronic accessories, snacks, toys, daily necessities, small jewelry and so on.

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Pegboard hooks

Pegboard hook is great way to keep goods in stores. Pegboard hooks fit into pegboard holes for easy tool organization where vertical space is available and accessible. A range of styles and sizes are offered, each with locking tabs that secure into peg board holes without the need for tools upon installation or adjustment. A pegboard hook assortment typically includes a range of different styles and sizes to maximize storage options.


Slatwall hooks

Slatwall hooks and fittings work with the slatwall display system and simply ‘snap’ into place to provide fixtures to hang, hold and display retail product on. Choose from a wide variety of metal slatwall hooks including metal white slatwall hooks, chrome slatwall hooks, and black slatwall hooks.


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Can you use pegboard hooks on slatwall? We advise you not put your pegboard hooks on slatwall. Why? And let's know the difference between the slatwall and pegboard.



As we know, pegboard can't measure up to either type of slatwall panel when it comes to durability. Even buying a harder-to-find tempered pegboard won't give the same durability as slatwall garage wall panels.


Ease of installation

Pegboard can be installed more easily than slatwall. When wall panels are installed, you'll need to account for various wall obstructions. One major drawback with MDF slatwall panels is their weight (as much as 100 lbs per panel). That makes them quite difficult to work with.


Variety of hanging accessories

You can find enough basic hanging accessories for pegboard panels, but probably not more than the 40+ types of hanging accessories available for slatwall panels. The numerous sizes of hooks can be used to hang items like bikes, small or large tools, power cords, ladders, sports equipment, and more. Magnetic tool bars and a screwdriver holder can also be used for small tool storage.


Although the Pegboard and Slatwall are different, both of them are very useful for storing and displaying goods and tools, and you can choose according to your needs when choosing and using. Our metal display hooks are universal to fit into your existing wall panels in any retail store environment. If you need any help about display solutions, welcome to visit our factory!