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Wholesale Cheap and Unique Wire Baskets Proudly Made In China

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In our daily life, Wire baskets take an important role in supermarket and grocery store. Not only it can make our store more clean and tidy, but also it have its advantages which is different from supermarket shelves. Today we will introduce a new style wire baskets--- stacking wire baskets.


Stacking Wire Baskets for storage provide for a unique display opportunity. Order each Basket separately. Basket can be ordered with casters for a flexible merchandising solution. Using this for stacking basket applications as well as for additional baskets for 24"x36" stationary or mobile units. It also great for hospital supplies and more.


We are an experienced wire basket wholesaler that has fulfilled thousands of orders for companies in a diverse range of industries. Our products are truly customizable, wire baskets wholesale - we'll build a basket to your custom size specifications, in half-inch increments. You can also choose from hundreds of combinations of shapes, handle styles materials and mesh sizes.


Every company, and every shop is unique in its own special way, and being able to use one standard to meet an extremely wide variety of demands and requirements is a real challenge. By perfecting our systems over many years, Oruite is now able to get the best out of our customers' specifications, regardless of their spatial restrictions and requirements. Our wide selection of standard products offers optimal solutions for shops.


When you order a custom basket for your business, you need to know you're investing in a quality product. All our wholesale metal basket orders are manufactured and shipped from our factory. When you need customer support, you'll reach our office directly. Best of all, we guarantee the workmanship and materials of all our products. In the unlikely event you're not satisfied with your order, we'll be happy to offer a replacement or refund.


Our products have a number of applications in manufacturing and heavy industry, including storage, cleaning and sorting of small parts. Under normal usage conditions, most of our products have a maximum capacity of 65 lbs. Our baskets are not designed to carry people, and they should never be used for overhead lifting.


A lot of companies say the customer comes first. At Oruite, it’s truly the way we do business. We’ve built our reputation as the industry leader on operational excellence: providing the quality fixture solutions you need, on time, on budget, with superior service.


If you're looking for cheap and high quality products, our unique metal wire baskets design are the ideal solution for you. where to buy wire baskets? Warmly welcome you visit Changshu Ouruite Business Equipment.