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Slatwall Hooks - A Flexible Way to Display Your Goods

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Slatwall is known as a famous display of support for several different retailers.  

Slatwall hooks

From clothing boutiques to hardware shops, Slatwall is the way which can let retailers utilize their wall space in such a way that their stores make the maximum revenue.

You can easily optimize your Slatwall hooks with Slatwall accessories by using Clip Strip Corp.   It is adaptable, durable and attractive to many display scenarios.


Slatwall versatility:

The Slatwall is popular only because of its versatility.  Engaging accessories that are professional-looking and hardwearing, Slatwall display hooks may handle with display priorities, changing inventories, as well as shifting customers demands.

Retailers who are using Slatwall may easily change their store’s displays, by moving merchandise inventory for increasing sales as well as new offerings.  Slatwall hooks make your display setting easier by offering endless durability of all the outlets from the main street pops to Big Boxes pops.


What it is:

Slatwall display hooks are mostly sold in cladding or panels for fixtures. They are also fully equipped with grooves so that you can attach a large variety of Slatwall display accessories to it with ease.

It is much easy to optimize your Slatwall by Slatwall accessories.  The flexible display view can be a beating, as it seems awesome in about any shop or store.  These hooks are available at affordable prices.


More bang with waterfalls for your buck:

The waterfall can be an amazing tool for many local retailers. They can attach these accessories to your Slatwall, increasing the wall display to have a tidy view which makes your merchandise attractive.

Clip Strip walls can help you display more of your item as compared to a simple hook. You will get more bang by seven stations to mount your product, with these accessories making a perfect display of your products.


Plastic And Metal Slatwall Hooks:

Not every inch Slatwall can be adaptable if you use it for waterfalls. Clip Strip Corp.’s come in plastic and metal Slatwall hooks which can offer even more durability and flexibility.

These double slatwall hook come in a different range of finishes and sizes. Furthermore, they are extraordinarily durable and versatile, letting retailers create eye-catching and unique displays.

Designing your Slatwall with is a perfect display solution that many retailers love to use. Without extensive tools or adjustments, this Slatwall can bring your store speedy and reliable merchandising which can make your life much easier.


Wall panels:

Although this slatwall take much time and labor to install as compared to their freestanding parts, the wall panels of Slatwall are worth considering the energy and time.

They allow retailers to free up their much of their floor space as well as freely move products to a certain eye level so that consumers can easily browse products they want.

It also enables merchandisers to offer a lot of display space which ranges in a great width and height. This is commonly used for showcasing one large piece in your shop.