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Why choose Ouruite? Come here, I will show you!

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Hi,everyone, I am Jennifer from Ouruite which is specialized in manufacturing supermarket accessories. So glad that we have meet again. Today, what I want to introduce is our company Ouruite.


I think everyone who visit our website want to know more about us. Our company founded in 2005, Changshu Ouruite Business Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional accessories manufacturer involved in supermarket shelf ,which covers an area of 3,000 square meters. For the past years,Ouruite has been improved advanced welding, bending, bending and other advanced equipment and production processes. The main products are supermarket hook series, basket series, vegetable rack series, promotional cage series, logistics car series, storage cage series, such as more than 100 kinds of products.


"quality of products for survival, trustworthy and pragmatic development" , Ouruite constantly has been developing new products sold home and abroad, getting praise and favor from the majority of our customers. Ouruite is growing and special for its excellent quality, reasonable price, perfect service in the competition has grown.  


If you have any product requests, please contact us soon. We will welcome your visiting and you can looking forward to our coming exhibition, detailed information I will tell you next time. Bye bye.