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How to Hang the Wire Basket on Wall

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Hanging wire basket,manufactured by CSOURUITE.

There are many types of wire basket nowadays in the market.sloped wire basket,folding wire basket and so on. And they are manufactured to be used in different ways.And we often see hanging wire basket in supermarkets and in someone’s house.If the hanging wire basket is hanged well,it will be a great decoration.Today we are going to see how to hang the wire basket on the wall.

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Fundamentally,choose the high quality wire basket

Choose the wire basket manufacturer,they generally have the great design and development ability.high quality wire basket not only use the good quality metal materials,but also designed with good looking shapes.When it was used to hang on the wall,this kind of hanging wire basket can be perfectly fit with the wall.


Most importantly,You will need the following things and remember 4 steps:


Wire Baskets- Even round ones will do if you stack TP sideways or stuff rolled towels in them.

4 heavy duty screws

4 drywall anchors sized to fit the screws

4 washers

Power drill





Step One: Hold your basket up to the wall with the bottom of it against the wall. Lay a level on top to make sure the basket is straight, then mark along an opening of the basket on either side so you know where to drill the holes.


Step Two: Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the wall anchors and drill into the holes you marked in step one.


Step Three: Hammer the wall anchors into the hole you drilled in step two.


Step Four: Put the basket back up to the wall where you measured in step one, and drill the screws into place with the washer behind the screw but in front of the basket. Keep them loose until you make sure the basket is level, then you can tighten it into place if you'd like.