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Choose Supermarket Metal Pegboard Hooks According to the Shelves

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To be honest,supermarket metal pegboard hooks are used very much in its daily operation.However,most of us don’t notice those quietly hanging metal pegboard hooks,which are put behind the colorful supermarket goods.


Actually,for those supermarket,it is quite important to select suitable metal pegboard hooks.There are different types of supermarket metal hooks.


1, Double Beem Hook: the most common application of such hooks, the installation is also simple, beautiful appearance, the use of spray treatment, waterproof and anti-rust performance. Such supermarket shelves need to tie the use of cross-beam, beams installed on the shelf above the column, the hook side of the mouth can be linked directly to the beam can be, the spacing can be adjusted.


2, Wave Double Straight Hook: This section of the supermarket shelf hook has two thin rod, the upper part can be linked to the price tag, the lower wavy hanging hook hanging goods, due to the use of wavy form, hanging more solid goods, this section can be linked with the beam Use, can also be linked directly to the back of the shelf use.


The selection of the supermarket metal hooks should be selected according to the number, type, weight and display of the hanging goods. The general choice of the hook diameter is 5mm, the length is 250mm, the length of the beam is 900, the 7 hooks are selected, You can buy some as a backup, and for how to display metal hooks, CSOURUITE will give you more information in the following  product news.