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Wire Baskets For Your Retail Displays

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Retailers can use wire baskets to showcase display of different varieties of merchandise. It helps you best when you have brought a new product in your retail store and want an eye-catching display for the product. Here we have a top selection of wire racks to show off your latest snacks, candies, magazines, newspapers, books, and more with some new and stylish way. Let’s take a look at them below.


Revolving Clip Floor Rack:

This Revolving Clip Floor Rack is available with 108 Clips in total. It is specially made to showcase your delicious snacks like single serving pretzels, potato chips, pretzels, cookies, snacks, candy and much more. There are 18 clips on six strands which must be plenty of room for retail advertising items. 

The clips are easy to use. You only need to push the top towards the strand if you want to open or release it if needs to be closed. It is a metal floor fixture which is best for convenience stores as well as other businesses which are on a self-serve basis. The retail display rack is durable, sturdy, and lightweight as well. It is powder coated and attracts customers eye-catching. 

If you want to showcase the merchandise and display important information along with pricing and graphics, this wire basket can be the best one for your retail store.

Single Knee Knocker Display:

Do you need more space to fill in your merchandise stock? Single Knee knocker display is one of the most reliable wire baskets for retail stores. You can make a stylish floor display or add more storage beside your counter table. The limitations are endless. The overall dimensions of this single knee knocker display are 28 1/4"W x 19 3/4"H x 12 1/4"D. This basket can be used for single impulse products displays. This basket can be placed at the entrance of your store so that it can get your customer’s attention and desire. 

Adjustable Height News Display:

You might not know that wire baskets can bring much more traffic to your store in the early morning. Yeah, in the morning when everyone comes to your retail stores, the newspapers in the wire display rack can get their attention. You can place this wire stand to your storefront, lobbies or cafe’s front. 

Its length is seven-inches which is a suitable height of a rack perfect for your store. There are four black baskets which will keep your newspapers and magazines in place. The newspapers remain neat, clean and organized which can persuade customers to buy. Furthermore, it is available with one adjustable wire rack. You can also use this rack for displaying tasty buns, bread or any other perishable items.

The shelf dimensions are 13" W x 7" H x 12" D while the overall dimensions of this height news display are 16" W x 31-56" H x 16" D. The top mount frame is sober in its shape and design.