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How to Maximize Retail Display Space?

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The general supermarket has a large footprint, and various products are scattered in various locations. Under such circumstances, there are often places in the supermarket where customers rarely visit, which causes waste of space.Therefore, the operators of supermarkets must do a good job in space management and commodity management, and make fuller use of the various spaces in the supermarket to improve the efficiency of supermarket operations.


Reasonable design of the supermarket layout: It is a good idea to carry out the structure and display design according to the priority of the category, rather than after the design is completed. This is a good idea to consider the display of the goods from a customer perspective. For another example, the corners are designed to be curved as much as possible, and the shelves are designed to make the transition between the store shelves and the categories more natural.

Transparent supermarket outlets: customers shop at the store, about 20% of the purchased goods are impulse purchases. Therefore, increasing the customer's visibility of the product directly helps to improve sales. Therefore, it is an important task for customers to more easily see the products displayed at the corners. The method of increasing the permeability can be adopted in the choice of the shelf, the low front or the low, or the short shelf, to improve the permeability, so that the customer can see the goods in the corner from a farther place. It is also possible to use a bracket, a pegwall hook or wire baskets in front of the dead corner. This display tool has a low height, which increases the visual and spatial permeability, and the display tool is easy to move and can be set aside. A wide enough channel allows customers to reach a dead end.

Arranged as a counter or rest area: More and more suppliers hope to display their own image counters and shelves with brand logos in the mall to enhance the brand's exposure. These counters and shelves are generally beautifully made, which is very eye-catching. Replacing the original shelf of the dead end is also a good way to attract customers. Set the more partial position as the rest area or the area where the book is sold, put a few stools to facilitate the rest of the customer and increase the popularity of the corner.

In fact, there are many solutions to the dead end of the supermarket store. If the customer needs to feel that any corner of the supermarket store can buy the favorite products from the perspective of customer demand, the design is ingenuity. Then the problem of the corner of the supermarket store will be solved.