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How Gridwall Displays Are Used In Supermarket?

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The gridwall displays are among the most common and very important accessory at supermarket. They are widely used in the supermarket and store shelves for the display of products such as underwear cap, toothbrush, bagged beef jerky, bagged dried fruit, footwear, cloth designs and an array of other valuable items such as the jewelry and other electronic accessories in the shop.

The gridwall displays come in different styles and types and used for a wide range of display applications in the supermarket. The different components of the gridwall displays such as the gridwall peg hooks ensure that the products are well displayed for easy viewing by customers. For the supermarket owners, there are a range of gridwall displays that can be selected and used for various needs.

Let' s look at some of the grid displays commonly seen in the supermarkets and how to use them thus;


Gridwall peg hooks:

This is commonly applied in the retail stores. As seen in the supermarket, the gridwall hook makes use of a mesh hence can be used with it. When making use of the gridwall hooks, you need to ensure that there is a rubber end which will help to avoid injury.

You can make use of the bottom wire for hanging and displaying your product of choice while you put the price tag of the product on the upper part.

One good feature of this gridwall hook is the fact that it is simple to install, rust-proof, has an elegant design to match the aesthetics of the supermarket interior. In the retail stores, the gridwall hooks can be used with the hook mounted directly to the bar. It can be installed on the shelf upright with a spacing that can be adjusted to suit the display need in the supermarket.

The Peg hook can be fixed to the pegboard. The peg hook varies in their sizes and has standard spacing in millimeters. Amongst them include the 15MM, 25MM, 30MM, and 50MM.


Gridwall hooks

The display hanger hooks: 

Together with the slot board, the display hanger hooks are quite easy to install and the most sort for by retail store owners. There are different types with different lengths such as the Price tag hooks, the double scan hook, the single slat hook and more.

Corresponding hooks can be designed according to the various pegboard thickness. This also depends on the requirements of the merchandise to be displayed.


The gridwall hook makes a perfect hook for retail display, hence when selecting any one for your supermarket display needs, you need to do so according to the quantity of the merchandise to be displayed. You also need to consider the weight and type of merchandise to be displayed.  There are several grid hooks for sale with varying lengths. Hence, there should also be considerations for the various lengths of the hook as it suits your retail display needs.

However, to ensure a perfect display of your merchandise, most of our hooks are designed for high strength, plated with chrome to achieve a bright glossy surface for high-grade beauty which matches with the interior of the supermarket.