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6 Types of Store Displays

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When it comes to the store displays, there are plenty options for the small-business owner in the retail sector. But, to ensure a full display or showcase of the various items of the merchandise you need to make a selection of the right display.

Now, we will be going through the various types of store displays that are available today.

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Six types of store displays.


The gridwall displays are designed with a wire based panel for accepting a wide range of store display hook configurations and shelving. You can actually customize the layout to suit your need as it is versatile and lightweight. Also, the gridwall displays can be used as mount to the wall or a freestanding fixture. The design is in such a way that it can be easily cleaned and maintained.


When it comes to the retail stores, the gondola displays are quite common. The gondola display has double-sided shelving units which can be adjusted to suit your storage option as well as meet your needs. When you think of creating a standard aisle layout in your retail store, then the gondola display is a perfect option. This unique display is made up of materials like steel or wood and freestanding. The gondola displays are perfect at holding high volume of products and has room for adjustments to match the various items. This is why they are the best option for use in the grocery stores and pharmacy.

Some of these displays are designed with display pegboard or slatwall in the middle. This way, it becomes a lot easier to hang items for display on a metal rod.

The pegboard together with the gondola displays helps to create a very flexible and easy alternative for placing various items. To make it a lot easier, there are display hooks for pegboards, in addition to the retail display bins and shelving. The pegboards are made of fiberboard material.

Garment Rack

When you think of the best and simple solution to display hanging clothes, then what should come to mind is the garment racks. The garment rack consist of wire display racks that are made with heavy-duty metal components to ensure that it doesn’t fall when there are lots of cloth items loaded on it. In addition to this feature, the garment rack is designed in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the merchandise.


There are various designs of the slatwall. Each of the designs have a horizontal space which is used to hold shelves, hooks, pegs and hangers. They are either mounted on walls or freestanding.


As common as it may sound, the table displays are enough to make an outstanding and attractive display stand while maintaining a typical table shape. The table style varies according to the user choice of tiers and heights. The table displays are usually made of wood materials, however, there are others built with metal and plastic.


The specialty, from the name, is designed to meet specific needs. The specialty displays may include jewelry display cases, wine racks, gun case and bookcases. They are just an addition to the standard store stands.